Best Two Shrimp pesto pasta recipe


Shrimp pesto pasta recipe:

This recipe for Shrimp Pesto Pasta is sprinkled in a delicious Pesto Sauce, and then topped with Shrimp and Tomatoes. A refreshing and easy dinner, quick to make and packed with flavor!

If you have been reading it for some time, then you know that I am not all about easy dinner ideas. It is not much simpler than this shrimp pesto pasta. The whole thing is ready in about 20 minutes, you can’t beat it!


Fettuccine zesty pesto, delicious Shrimp pesto pasta in white wine sauce, is about the flavor combination of white wine, garlic, pasta and mushrooms. The best part is the fully cooked shrimp which is full of flavor! Easy and delicious shrimp pasta in just 30 minutes!


Do you ever find yourself licking pasta constantly because it is not only tasty, but also convenient to prepare and requires little effort? The same goes for shrimp. Pair the two together in this easy pesto shrimp fettuccine pasta and you have a fabulous tasting meal that comes together at a moment’s notice.


For this pasta and shrimp combo, I’ve gone with pesto shrimp because shrimp and pesto complement each other in both flavor and texture. After making this shrimp fettuccine, I decided that fettuccine, both pesto and shrimp should become a weekly thing for us as it is one of the best tasting shrimp pasta that I ever had.



Pasta turned out to be a delicious warm color here, not the usual greenish “pesto tint” because we only used 1/3 cup of pesto and lots of liquids, including white wine, to offset the “green”.


Based on reader reviews, you can go even lower on pesto (1/4 cup) and still get a great taste from this shrimp and mushroom fatucine dish .I was not a fan of “green” pesto dishes, especially when it comes to pasta. Who likes green pasta anyway?


This Shrimp pesto pasta Fettuccine does not leave you with a taste of basil to leafy grass, instead you get the right balance of taste and color.


Seasoning and Cooking SHRIMP

To make the best pesto shrimp fettuccine, you are aiming for the nice texture and flavor that a good seafood restaurant usually has in their dishes. Start by preparing the masala mixture:

Preparation for Shrimp Pesto Pasta 

1 teaspoon Italian seasoning (parsley, parsley, basil – combined)

1/4 teaspoon red chili flakes

1 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon salt

Add shrimp to the mixing bowl and rub into the spice mixture. Make sure the shrimp is well coated. Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in a large bowl over medium heat. Add the shrimp to a hot pan and cook for about 3 minutes, turning once midway, until the shrimp turns pink and is cooked through.


Cooking Tip: Be sure to heat the stainless steel pan before pouring the oil – then add the shrimp.


Steel expands when heated and when it is exposed to cold temperatures, foods tend to stick to the surface when it is cold. By adding oil to the pan when heated, the steel becomes stable, resulting in a temporarily nonstick surface!


How not to overshoot SHRIMP

The key to successfully cooking shrimp is not to overcook it. If you cook the shrimp for too long then it will be tough. The shrimp cooks quickly and as the meat changes from opium to opaque, they are done. It should be only 2 or 3 minutes depending on the size. Once you cook it, remove the shrimp from the skeleton.


Top Tips on Cooking Shrimp pesto pasta-

Fully ripe mushrooms are essential parts for this pesto shrimp Fettuccine dish. The heat is what gives you the brownness to the mushrooms as well as using a lot of oil to quickly evaporate any water that will cause the mushrooms to sweat.


All you have to do to cook them is to use a large and hot pan, do not overdo it, add a little salt to the mushrooms and urge them to move soon. You want the mushrooms to be slightly brown when cooked without cooking for about 2 minutes. Add minced garlic for the last few minutes, when the mushrooms are almost ready.



Now is the time to add the cooked shrimp that we previously removed back into the pan. Add basil pesto, decompose with alcohol and add chicken broth. On medium heat, combine everything to combine and heat the shrimp. remove from heat.


What is the wine to use in Vesto SHIMIM FETTUCCINE

Use any dry white wine that you normally drink. I used Pinot Grigio. Other good options include Chardonai or Souvignon Blanc. Do not use cooking wine (unless you want to waste the pleasure of eating pesto shrimp fetachuin).


You don’t need enough for wastage – just when adding pesto – I used 1/4 cup of wine. You can use up to 1/2 cup.


How to cook Fettuccine

Now boil water in a large pot, add pasta and cook as per instructions. Drain fettuccine, but do not rinse. This step can also be done ahead of time but I find my pasta fresh.


Add fettuccine to the pan with mushrooms and shrimp, and stir until pasta is completely coated in sauce. Heat well over a low heat (you can also cover the pan with a lid to maintain the heat). done! Now you are ready to take a dip in this Pesto Shrimp Fettuccine, which is as delicious as every kind of delicious seafood restaurant.


This pesto shrimp takes less than 30 minutes to make pasta and is as delicious as anything found in fancy restaurants for a fraction of the price.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes

Servings: 12


Shrimp Pesto Pasta –

4 tablespoons olive oil

4 cloves garlic

2 lb. shrimp, peeled and sliced

2 Pint Cherry Tomatoes

24 oz Pasta

16 oz Jar Pesto

0.5 bunch fresh parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

Instructions Shrimp Pesto Pasta-

Taking a large pot of water to boil and cook the pasta according to instructions. Pasta is usually sold in 16 oz. Boxes and bags, so you’ll need about 3/4 of the box (no need to actually weigh 12 ounces.).

While the water is boiling, heat a large bowl over medium heat with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. When the pan is heating, add the garlic to the pan again. Cook garlic until soft and fragrant (about 1-2 minutes).

Turn heat on skillet to medium height and add shrimp (melted, dried). Stir the shrimp and garlic until the shrimp is fully cooked (about 5 minutes). They will be pink and no longer transparent when fully cooked.

While the shrimp is cooking, rinse and have all the pieces of tomato in half. After cooking the shrimp add tomatoes. Cease the pan with salt and pepper and continue to cook until the tomatoes break down slightly (about 5 min.).

At this point the pasta should finish cooking. Dry the pasta, add it to the skillet with a jar of pesto. Stir until everything is evenly coated with pesto. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and serve!


Sometimes it can be difficult to shake the beak in long, thin pasta such as spaghetti or fairy hair, such as tomatoes and shrimp. If you prefer, you can shake the pesto in the minced pasta and then just spoon the shrimp and tomatoes on top.


Nutrition of Shrimp Pesto Pasta-

Calories: 563kcal | Carbohydrate: 56g | Protein: 36g | Fat: 19g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 346mg | Sodium: 932mg | Potassium: 511mg | Fiber: 3G | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 620IU | Vitamin C: 7.1mg | Calcium: 236mg | Iron: 4.5mg


Nutrition Complete Description:


Nutritional data provided with each recipe are estimates only, cannot be verified or guaranteed and should not be used in the treatment of medical conditions. This data should be interpreted and used at your own risk.


The provided nutrition data is calculated using all the ingredients listed on the recipe card, including any ingredient listed as optional. Keep in mind that dishes that include marinades, breading, salad dressings, oil for frying, or salt for cooking pasta and potatoes can be skewed because some of these ingredients will be discarded and not included in the final edible portion Will go.


While we do our best to achieve the best possible accuracy, the actual nutritional content of dishes can vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to: ingredient brand, accuracy of measurement, physical during the cooking process Transformation, sizing, and component replacement.








This Shrimp Pesto Pasta with Spinach and Mushroom has pasta flanked with pesto, veggies and perfectly sutured shrimp. All in my family loves this recipe, yet impressive, weeknight dinner!


I am a habitual creature when it comes to shrimp. Although I like them fried, grilled, baked and broiled, my most favorite way to eat shrimp is sauté.


Sautéing is quick, easy, and gives positively correct shrimp results every time!


Although I know that they have been known to eat them straight out of the pan, I figured I’d skip some sort of dysfunction and provide you with a recipe for real food, if you’re that type. I am very well known for this delicious plate-o-pasta, which rotates with pesto and flies with vegetables. We make this delicious Pesto Shrimp Pasta at least once a month!


But first, the shrimp:


Given the right size for two

8 oz defrosted shrimp (about 14 jumbo shrimp)

1 TBSP Butter

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon dried parsley

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp Cajun masala mixture

1/8 tsp onion powder

1/8 tsp paprika

salt and pepper to taste

For extra buttered shrimp, feel free to add a tablespoon of butter. Spicy Shrimp Vegetable? Add the red chili, red chili flakes, or Shrichakra chili sauce. Add all three and you basically have to dip your face in a glass of milk. have fun with that!



For this recipe, I am using jumbo, frozen wild-caught shrimp. After defrosting the shrimp, you want to keep the tail intact, wash the shrimp, and partially peel.


Once you know that shrimp is easy to make! My pilot-hand-hand-model and I will walk you through:


After defrosting, rinse the shrimp with cold water in a colander. To clean the shrimp, a small binder knife will work, but OXO’s nifty shrimp cleaning tool will give the prep work a breeze! This is perfect for anyone, like myself, who has a serious history with knife accidents. I am completely clumsy.


Grab your shrimp cleaner and pour it into the shrimp, this lining where it starts at the head. In a fluid motion, move the device through the shrimp [leaving an inch above the tail] and upwards, dividing the shell and removing the vein. If the shrimp has an extra long vein, just pull it out now so that it is loosened and exposed.


Side note: if you are looking for a tool I use, you can choose one (here) – I accept it!


Now you should be able to easily peel and discard the “shell” of shrimp.


Note: You can actually save and freeze shrimp shells to make shrimp stock, which makes a great base for seafood gambu or bisque.


To keep the tail (this locks in extra flavor when cooking) does not peel off the entire shell. The tail-side shell changes into smaller forms. About one inch above the tail is the first hinge, using your thumb and forefinger to hold it on the hinge and release it from the left to the right to separate it from the rest of the shell. So just peel the remaining of the shell. I probably over-explained myself, but this is essentially the fastest and easiest way to present shrimp that I have used to date!


Are getting!

Heat a pan / pan to medium-high with a TBSP of butter. Once the butter starts to melt, add shrimp and spice. Stir the shrimp to coat. Cook each side for about 2-3 minutes until shrimp curls and turn a pink-orange and opaque. The step time will depend on the heat setting you choose and the size of your shrimp, but regardless they will fully ripen in a few minutes.


If you are a citrus addict like me, you can also add an optional burst of lemon flavor to the finished product before digging in!


Now that we have a pan full of seasoned shrimp, let’s enjoy some vegetables and make my famous pesto shrimp pasta with spinach and mushrooms!



Ingredients of Shrimp Pesto Pasta with Spinach and Mushroom-

3-4 cups of Farfale (bow-tie) pasta

8 oz Chopped Baby Portobello Mushrooms

2.5 ounce baby spinach leaves

2-3 cloves garlic (minced)

6 TBSP Homemade or Store-bought Pesto

1/2 cup fresh grated paneer cheese and extra to garnish

1/4 cup milk or cream

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp onion powder

1/4 tsp paprika

A drizzle of olive oil

A pinch of red chili flakes [optional]

salt and pepper to taste

For Shrimp:

21 jumbo shrimp (if frozen)

1-2 TBSP Butter

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon dried parsley

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp Cajun masala mixture (optional)

1/8 tsp onion powder

1/8 tsp paprika

salt and pepper to taste

Instruction for Shrimp Pesto Pasta with Spinach and Mushroom

First point your shrimp into the post as before and set your vegetables and sauces aside in a cool bowl with ice water while cooking.

Bring a large non-stick pan to medium heat and pour the mushrooms, spinach and garlic into a small drop of your favorite healthy oil and take care not to burn the garlic.

When your vegetables are cooked, boil your pasta in a medium pot according to the box’s instructions.

Once the mushrooms are tender and the spinach has evaporated, pour in your milk or cream and reduce heat.

Add Parmesan, garlic powder. Onion powder, and paprika as well as any salt and pepper to taste. Boil on low, stir to melt the flavor and melt the cheese.

I left the salt and pepper in a safe place for my personal taste. Some people prefer a salty pasta dish, while others prefer to add just a pinch. I will not skip it [salt helps to increase the taste of the dish] but choose your amount based on preference!

Noodles and vegetable sauces should be served around the same time.

Pour sauce over a pot of pesto noodles and stir.

Use the “Warm” setting of your stove top or the lowest heat setting available to keep the pot warm.

Immediately heat your shrimp [it should only take a few minutes] with butter and seasoning and add to the hot pasta and sauce.

If you like your pasta hot, just increase the heat a bit and shake it continuously while stirring, finally adding the shrimp. If you prefer or leave them for presentation, you can remove the tail before serving, as many restaurants usually do. Depends on you!

Spoon into bowls or piles on plates and garnish with a pinch of fresh grated paneer cheese and red pepper flakes.

serve immediately.

Recipe notes

Feeling gentle? If you like a bowl of saucer pasta, double the milk / cream, add a little extra pesto, and add any extra spice to taste. Let your taste buds be your guide! Treat this comfort food with a twist. This plate-licking is good!







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